3d Shirt Configurator for SlimFitted

A 3d product configurator for SlimFitted, tailored shirts.

28 colors, 7 collars, 3 plackets, 8 cuffs, from 2 perspectives, making for a total of 9.408 3d renders of 4.704 shirts combinations. If you had to wear a different shirt each day, this would take up almost 13 years, how cool is that?!

All of these renders are built into the SlimFitted 3d shirt configurator. It enables customers to design their own shirts, specifying every tiny little detail. We spent a huge amount of time creating these 3d shirts, making sure every wrinkle has a purpose and each and every material is tuned to perfection, representing the shirts’ actual fabric.

Check out some of the impressions of the configurator below, or go to the SlimFitted website to design your own custom fit shirt!