At Peppr, we offer the absolute highest quality 3d visualisations imaginable. We don’t do mediocre and always strive for the best solution for our clients.

The Three Things We Offer

3d visualisations always serve a purpose. We have divided our service into three tiers.

1. Still

This section relates to everything we do using our techniques that in the end become still images. Think about productshots for print ads, website banners, detailed product photos or anything else that you would normally do using photographs.

2. Animated

Animating our 3d models opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Being able to see your product move and see the materials react to light is an awesome way to inspire your customer to buy your products. Possibilities are things like product tours or tv-commercials.

3. Interactive

This one is the most elaborate. We work with you to make your product experience interactive. Have your customers play a game, show them the full 360 tour or even have them configure your product using a configurator. Anything is possible.

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Two Major Advantages

There are some big advantages to using 3d visualisations instead of traditional methods. We have stipulated two of them here.


One of the things that is so great about visualising in 3d is that we can change certain aspects without changing others. We can, for instance, change the material of your model without changing anything else. This makes it ideal for product ranges with multiple options. Think of cars with different types of rims or colors, furniture built from different types of wood. Our models adapt to your needs.


We can do the impossible. We can break up your product in several different components and show them all in one image. Our cameras have no physical size, so they can fit in every nook and cranny of your product. Ask us anything that lies outside the realm of possibilities and dare to challenge us!

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Two Reasons You Should Want Our Visuals

Creating the imperfections to make it perfect

Making a truly realistic 3d impression of anything, wether it’s a surfboard shot in a studio, a new piece of furniture in a living room or a beautiful new residence in the woods, the key is believability. One of the things we strive for is to create the tiny imperfections our world carries; the corner on a table is never exactly 90 degrees since we would cut ourselves, there is always a bit of moss on a curb and every shirt carries a wrinkle ever so tiny.
These things are challenging. But we find something new every day and try to craft these into our visualisations in a way that makes them more believable.

Making the emotional connection

Then there is something we can talk about, but we cannot specify. Something we can feel, but can’t point out. A photo – or in our case, visualisation – has to feel good. The composition should feel balanced, the light should feel balanced. None of the elements of the shot should feel improper to the rest, creating a symbiosis between the elements. We always try and go the extra mile for the mood a shot carries. Even a sterile studio shot should feel warm, inviting. It shouldn’t feel completely sterile. This is what makes our work believable and makes sure you get the shivers seeing your products come to live.

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